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I am Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs, and today I am probably at 861 Washington Boulevard and Pig Town and Baltimore, to show you two signs which we’ve just provided and installed for the Mob Town Ballroom.

What we had here is a situation which is not very well lit. However, they’ve got this beautiful church which has now been renovated into their dance studio and performance hall, and what we came up with is a combination of digital print and dimensional lettering, which effectively provides them great notification and signage on this busy street.

We’re going to take a look now at the main sign here on the north-facing wall. We provided design and execution and installation and permit.

So if you have a need for an effective sign in a situation like this or any other, please give us a call at (410) 662-6100 or info@highmountainsigns.com. and our website is highmountainsigns.com and thank you.