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Ian introduces a custom acrylic award board case


Hello again, I’m Ian Hochberg, president of High Mountain Signs and today I am in historic Stonely at the Stonely community pool. And today we are going to be looking at a new item for us, not a sign, but a case to protect a sign. The requirement was to protect this board which the customer had provided us with, with a low profile case that will allow easy access to the board and at the same time be safe for all the young children who are constantly coming by here.

And this is the solution that we have. The case has a living hinge on each side of the board for the panel so that it can come in and out for changes to records alter.

So if you have a need for a customized acrylic case like this, please give us a call at (410) 662-6100, email at info@highmountainsigns.com and thank you so much for your trust in us. Until next time. Thank you.