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Window Sign Installation


See here what we’re trying to do is achieve a balance between a left window and the right window that’s somewhat readable when cars are going to be parked in front and it looks like we’ve got it just about where it needs to be. So when laying out a sign, it’s a matter partially of mathematics about taking measurements. But many times it’s also a visual. It’s a visual appearance. That’s also just as important and sometimes it’s more important to do it that way. As you see.

Now, this is the completed window for Dan Harvey who is principal of Harvey and Harvey, and also Cotton Duck Title. Now, this window will work very well. Both of these windows will work well together because they’re well-balanced. They’re easily visible because it’s all white copy and it’s going to help Dan promote his business, and let the world know about what he does. He gets a lot of drive by traffic and this is the best way for him to promote himself in a neighborhood such as Hamden, which is all very small and very neighborly.

Customer: I look at them as inexpensive, billboards that I own. People stop at this traffic light and they gaze over here, and with repeated visits, I know they’ll come back around sometime.

I trust the Ian all the way. Thanks.