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Habitat for Humanity ReStore


Hello again, I’m Ian Hochberg, President of High Mountain Signs. And today we’re going to take the look at a box truck that we lettered.

This is a box truck we lettered for the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. We are the sign provider Habitat as well as for the Restore. Restore is a retail outlet, are retail outlets operated by Habitat that sell donated building materials, appliances, furniture, paint, various items like that, at terrific prices. It’s quite a savings to come here to Restore if they have things and sometimes they get things in lots that it’s really worth going to. They’re throughout the city and they’re growing, they’re expanding. So if you have a box truck like this, vehicles, vans, to be lettered, we can assist you.

So please give us a call at (410) 662-6100 info@highmountainsigns.com and as I always say, thank you for your ongoing trust in us.